Dear Angie:

It is amazing to me how dementia robs individuals of the ability to do routine self-cares, especially oral cares. You came to my rescue as I struggled to see that this continued as long and as often as possible for a woman in a long-term memory care facility who was not always cooperative.

You have a passion to see that this particular self-care is provided. Your strengths lie in the ability to communicate the need, to train, to develop relationships with staff and the individuals needing service and their families and to deliver.

My lady was not cooperative and needed care. The staff was cautious and untrained. You made a commitment to do what you could with the individual and the staff. You developed a rapport with the individual and the staff with regular visits. You recognized you could only do so much in a particular visit but you persisted. you found a dentist who actually came to the faciility to do extractions and assured everyone (doctor, staff, visiting nurse, family/guardian) knew their role and everything was in place.

I cannot thank you enough for making my lady’s life better – by the personal, positive contact, by the regular visits and cares, by training staff and setting clear expectations. I cannot recommend you highly enough. Thank you for all you do.

Sharon L. Rook, Guardian