img_4639Oral Care Challenges:

Forgets to brush teeth. Lots of food debris and plaque not being removed as necessary to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Gums bleed upon brushing and flossing. Has had numerous crowns and bridges placed throughout his life. Family does not want these prosthetics to decay and break off.

HyLife recommendations:

Weekly oral hygiene care services which included brushing, flossing and proxy brushing.

Incorporated use 100% xylitol sweetened mints and tooth gel.

Reviewed with staff the importance of daily oral hygiene care and explained how to administer mints and gel 3 times per day.

Resident Outcome:

Reduction of plaque and no bleeding of gum tissues with brushing or flossing. Client has been receiving services for 18 months. All crowns and bridges remain intact.

Resident response:

You do such a good job of keeping my teeth healthy! You are a great lady!”

Resident’s daughter’s response:

Angie Stone has been a bright spot in my dad’s life for a long time as his dental hygienist, but more importantly so the past couple of years as an oral health caregiver to him in his home at an assisted living facility. As my parents aged, she communicated with me the importance of oral care in the elderly. When you watch your parents age and become unable to do many simple things for themselves, you will find the need for other people to care for them extremely important. Angie educated us about elderly oral care and how very important it is to overall health. She has been such a blessing in my dad’s life and the love they share is genuine!”