Teresa & Don, Carol's HustbandOral Care Challenges:

severe gum infection with generalized bleeding, heavy plaque, heavy food debris, bad breath, severe dry mouth, diminished taste, problem swallowing, burning mouth syndrome, patchy, fissured, and very red tongue, 6 teeth needed immediate DDS attention.

HyLife Recommendation:

Immediate referral to DDS, Dry Mouth management (Spry Toothpaste, Mints), Professional brushing and cleaning between teeth, removing food debris daily, client’s education, weekly visits from HOHA Oral Care Specialist.

Resident Outcome:

significant reduction in plaque index(80% less debris after 3 months of services), controlled Diabetes, client is off high blood pressure medication, saliva present, taste sensation has returned, client has gained weight and enjoys his food, has not been in the hospital for treatment of pneumonia for 11 months, client is participating in activities and playing cards with other residents.

Resident Response:

“My teeth feel like precious china when my Hygienist is done brushing them. She is gentle, compassionate, and thorough. This service is definitely something that never fails to make me feel good. Ha ha, My wife doesn’t mind giving me a kiss now.”